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Staff Introduction: Dragosi, my favorite cards, and Historic Anthology 4

Hey all! With Zendikar Rising previews starting, and release right around the corner, We'll be definitely covering all of that stuff coming up on our Youtube Channel. For this week though, I wanted to do something similar to what PokePope did last week, which was an introduction to him as a person / player. In addition, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite cards in Magic the Gathering, and why I think that those cards should be included in Historic Anthology 4. Before we get going, make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to stay up to date with all of the content there, including Zendikar Rising Previews!

Enter Dragosi

I started playing Magic the Gathering back in April 2010. Shards of Alara / Zendikar Block was in full swing, and Rise of the Eldrazi had just released. I had played tons of other card games competitively in the past, Yugioh and Pokemon, so I felt that It was time to jump into Magic the Gathering. I entered my first FNM at my Local Game Store, Xtreme Games, and used one of their loaner decks to play. It was Mono Green Elves. I think my first round opponent knew that I was new to the game, and I think for some reason, they let me ultimate my Nissa Revane, letting me win the game. From that point, I felt powerful. I felt awesome. I was hooked.

I continued to play Magic when I went to college later that year. I learned the ways of Commander, playing regularly with some friends at my school. I also used a LOT of my graduation money to buy into Standard Valakut. Winning my local FNMs down in Chicago, playing with awesome people like Gaby Spartz, kept me engaged and loving it. One of my commander friends actually was a level 1 judge and had gotten me very interested in learning the intricacies of the game. From that I started my training to learn as much as I could about this amazing game.

After I left college, I found myself in a full time job. This left very little time for Magic, between World of Warcraft and work, and trying to do some college courses at the same time. I did end up finding that my love of Magic was something that I couldn't get away from. I picked up Magic Online, playing it on my way home from work on the train, and at home a lot. Then I heard a new game store was opening up not too far from me that one of my friends was working at. I immediately hopped in my car and drove off to play in their FNM. Long Story short, I ended up working there as my first of many LGS jobs. I helped run events there, doing general sales, learned a few new games and made many new friends. One of the awesome benefits of working at that store, was that the friend that worked with me, as well as some of his friends were SCG Tour grinders. I got the opportunity to travel with them across the Midwest to different SCG events, and interestingly enough, it was 7 years ago today that I played my first SCG Event. It was SCG Cinci, during OG Innistrad / RTR block standard. I was on this SPICY GW lifegain deck. I don't remember a lot of the cards in the deck, but know that I was looking to go fairly wide, and abuse the interaction between Trostani, Selesnya's Voice and Archangel of Thune. With Trostani in play, and Archangel of Thune entering play, you got to anthem your team. I was playing some super spicy tech in there as well too. I played 2 copies of Primal Surge and 1 copy of Akroma's Memorial

2 copies of Primal Surge allowed us to hit it with a fair amount of consistency, while rarely hitting the second copy while resolving the first. Our goal was to try and sustain, and ramp to 10 mana and resolve a Primal Surge. Hopefully, we flipped over a large number of creatures, including multiple Trostanis and Archangel of Thunes, and finishing it off with flipping Akroma's Memorial to give our massive team haste to kill our opponent. I got this to happen multiple times throughout the event, but in Round 3, I faced down an Abzhan lifegain deck. We only got to play 1 game, and my Primal Surge came down in turn 3 of extra turns, winning me the match. As janky as this sounds, it was such a different idea that it caught a lot of people off guard and allowed us to take matches off people. I finished the day 6-4, barely missing Cash, but it was so much fun. Fast forward a few years, I got my Level 1 judge certification a couple of different times, worked at a few different game stores, picked up streaming and been playing a bunch of Magic Arena! I became one of the first streamers to partake in the Early Access Streams for Magic Arena and have gotten a Feature day from Wizards of the Coast as well as made it into the Content Creators program! Now I'm a Co-Founder and Content Manager for the Tin Street Journal. But enough about me specifically, let's talk about my favorite cards in Magic and why I think they'd be awesome for Historic Anthology 4!

My Favorite Cards

These cards are in no particular order, with exception to the first. The first card is Warp World.

Boy oh boy this is a wall of text. At 8 mana, there's a lot happening here. While I feel that this would not really be a competitive card in Historic, I think that this is a card that is made for Arena. In paper, this is a major pain to play with as you need to stack triggers and resolve them in the right order. Arena will allow all of the triggers to happen automatically, resolve them, and hopefully not rope out during that process. The only flack I can see this card getting from a game play perspective is that it does turn the game on its head in a sense, and you can build your deck in a way to benefit more from this card than your opponent.

Second, is a card that I talked about earlier, Primal Surge.

We have Collected Company already in the format and it's a VERY strong card. This is an upgraded CoCo, and it costs 10 mana. While yes it definitely says "I win the game" you have to build your deck in a way where you're hitting permanents to continue the train, so you can't play many non-permanent spells. I expect that we're going to be getting Trostani, and potentially Archangel of Thune in Pioneer Masters, so those won't be on here.

Third up on this list is Maelstrom Wanderer.

This is definitely a Brawl pick. Maelstrom Wanderer is one of the top commanders out there and is one where there's some cool decks to be built with this guy. Also with Ramp being a thing, this might be worth ramping into.

Lastly here I'm going to put few lands that I want to see in Historic Antology 4

First off, I'd love to see the Horizon Lands from Modern Horizons. Wizards like to put "cycles" of cards in Historic Anthology sets, so I think that these lands would be great additions. The other land I'd love to see would be Boseiju, Who Shelters All. Currently there aren't many spells that are Uncounterable in Arena, but generally those are going to be used in control decks. Having a land that would allow more decks the ability to have protection for higher impact spells. Conclusion

Well that's it for this week! Stay tuned to the site for more articles coming this week and in the future. Also check out our Youtube Channel for Zendikar Rising Previews, and more content as well! Drop a comment and let me know what cards you'd love to see in Historic Anthology 4!

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