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Sponsor Announcement: HEGames!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Hello All! This week's article is going to be shorter than normal, but I have some very exciting news to share with you this week! If you have read Coach Braxton's Article this week Announcing the Tin Street Tournament Series, you may have read in there about the prize support that's happening for our events and where that will be coming from. Well today, I'm happy to give you some more details about that. I'm so excited to welcome HEGames to the Tin Street Family as our first sponsor and partner!

HEGames is a game store in Northern Illinois, and they are my local game store. When I reached out to the owner, Blake, about seeing if he would be interested in helping to sponsor the Tin Street Tournament Series, he was excited and enthused to do so! He's always been great to me and my playgroup, and he promotes a really fun and enjoyable environment in the store, and in that goal, we align.

They have a brick and mortar store, but they also have a growing online presences as well! They currently sell on TCGPlayer, and will be adding on a webstore of their own soon as well! You can check out their TCGPlayer Storefront page here and you can contact them through their Facebook page here. They sell all matter of sealed product, singles, card and board games and accessories as well! I will be updating this article as well as the Discord with the link to their website once it goes live, so make sure that you join the Discord to get that! We are super excited to be partnered with them and excited for what's to come in the future!

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