Kaladesh Brews!

Kaladesh remastered is making its way to MTG Arena, and it should make a big impact on the Historic format. There are a variety of powerful cards in this set: Aetherworks Marvel, Bomat Courier, and Heart of Kiran just to name a few. The best part of a new release is trying new decks and hoping you find something that is powerful or at least fun. In this article we will look at 9 decks, some of them are completely new, and the others are existing decks with interesting additions. I decided the best use of my time in making this article would be to create as many new decks as possible to ensure that everyone has something that they want to try on release day. To make this happen, I didn't include sideboards, but all of these decks are made with best-of-three format in mind. The description of each deck will be brief, but it will give an overview at what each deck aims to accomplish. Here we go...

1. Mono Red Aggro

Mono Red aggro has been a thing in historic since its creation, and it doesn't gain a ton in quantity. However, Bomat Courier is a hell of a one-drop. Bomat acts as an early threat that can turn into card advantage in a pinch. In the current format, one-mana red creatures are lacking unless you lean into the wizard subtheme. Bomat Courier gives you another option, and as a red mage I like to play all the one drops available. Side-note, I chose to play the Experimental Frenzy version due to the likelihood of increased artifact hate. With Aetherworks Marvel in the format, I expect Abrades and shatter effects to be at an all-time high.

2. Mono Black Aggro

I've been wanting to craft a Mono Black aggro deck for a long time. The addition of Scrapheap Scrounger might actually push me to use my wildcards. This deck has a total of 12 creatures that don't stay in the graveyard for long making it a very resilient aggressive deck. With all of these recursive threats, Rotting Regisaur's downside is minimalized to the max. This will probably be the first deck I look to play on release day.

3. Izzet Heart

This idea came to me due to The Royal Scions being a good planeswalker to play alongside Heart of Kiran. I'm not confident that this deck is great, but I know those two cards are great together. Attacking for 7 flying damage on the third turn with a planeswalker on board is a tempo player's dream. I've been a sucker for Izzet midrange decks in the past, and I'm sure I'll spend tons of time trying to make this deck work.

4. Tempered Steel

Tempered Steel is a powerful enchantment that encourages you to play small cheap artifact creatures. The problem with this strategy is the small artifact creatures are not generally very good, so you have to draw your enchantment. All that Glitters is a secondary plan that can be effective in matchups where removal is in low numbers. The main additions that this deck gained are Bomat Courier and Servo Exhibition. Bomat Courier is actually a cheap artifact creature that has some text and isn't just in the deck due to its artifact typing. Servo Exhibition gives us two artifact bodies in one card while also ramping us to our Venerated Loxodon.

5. Lurrus Auras

We have all run into this deck on ladder, and I never draw my removal spells on time. Sram, Senior Edificer gives this deck another Kor Spiritdancer; this deck is just a pile of auras making Kor Spiritdancer and Sram, Senior Edificer great engines. I believe that this deck will see a lot more play on ladder, and it should be a player in Historic moving forward. Also, Lurrus is the companion in this deck I'm not sure why its not showing up on the list.

6. Boros Dwarves

I could make up reasons that this deck is going to be good, but I'll be honest. I just wanted to play Seven Dwarves. On the other hand, tribal decks are always fun, so I expect this one to be a blast.

7. Gruul Energy

The goal of Gruul Energy is to make a huge Electrostatic Pummeler and attack for lethal in one swing. With the lack of Temur Battle Rage in the format, I chose to play Raking Claws as our double strike source. Raking Claws isn't as powerful, but it at least has the ability to be cycled if needed.

8. Aetherworks Marvel

I'm not the greatest at building these type of decks, but Aetherworks Marvel into Ulamog is a proven powerhouse. With the addition of Ugin to this deck, I'm sure that this deck will crush any hopes of you trying to push to the late game. Be sure to pack your artifact hate on release day!

9. RB Aggro

This deck is a classic standard bad guy, and the addition of Bonecrusher Giant to the this deck has to make every midrange player excited. I expect this deck to prey on other creature decks, but to struggle against most other decks in the format.

My original plan was to make 15 deck lists for this article, but I ran out of time. I will continue brewing, so expect more brews to come. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions regarding these decks or ideas for me to try to create a deck with, message me on Twitter, @stormcrowts. Lastly, be sure to check me out on Twitch on Thursday and Friday night starting at 7pm CT, https://stormcrowts.stream/.

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