Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Hey everyone, this is Braxton here for my ‘Coach’s Corner’... except it’s not. I have a very awesome announcement I want to bring to you in an article. When I stepped away from the computer while typing this article, my girlfriend put the announcement very cleanly, very short:

Alright guys, this is it… we’re starting the tournament series… That’s all I got….

Now, while I could end the article here, I feel it would be rude to just announce this without going into some amount of detail. But the statement is correct; starting in the near future, Tin Street Journal, with me as Tournament Organizer, will be starting a tournament series. While not all of the details are completely figured out, I am going to let you know what these tournaments will look like. Let’s break down what it will look like.

What tournaments will we be looking to run?

As of right now, we are looking at running two tournaments a month. All of them will be held on Arena as of right now. One tournament will be Constructed (Standard, Historic) and one will be some sort of Singleton format..

Constructed Tournament

This is going to be very simple. The week leading up to the tournament, either myself or the Tin Street Journal Twitter will be putting out a poll, getting everyone’s vote on what format you would like to see. Best of 3, round robin into some sort of cut into bracket, pretty simple.

Singleton Tournament

Now, this one is tricky to write about. There are some things we are looking into doing to shake up this from being just a bunch of Best of 1 or 3 matches for a tournament. I will keep it like this; we will be announcing the final look before we run a tournament.

I’m excited to get to run these events for everyone, and looking forward to what everyone has to say about these ideas! If you want to, you can message me on my Twitter with any questions or ideas you want to present to me. I may not be able to answer everything immediately, but I will get you an answer as soon as I can. This is it for me this week, have a fantastic week everyone!

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