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A callback to my roots.

Hey gang! Poke'Pope here with what has to be one of my favorite decks to play in standard, historic, and pioneer at this time.

A quick glance at my background will show you that I started my career in magic in the Return to Ravnica / Innistrad standard format. My first planeswalker was a dual deck Tibalt that I was so excited to have (Very funny Jeremy), and the first 75 cards I ever played with ran 4 copies of Consuming Aberration, Mirko Vosk, and one copy of Aetherling that I lucked out on and opened in a pack. This was easily the worst 75 cards a newbie could've thrown together. I had zero clue about mana efficiency, curve consideration, or even the value of a card when comparing its CMC to what it actually does. This all changed once Innistrad rotated, and my two best friends introduced me to the glory that is.....

The Selesnya Conclave

The Green and White guild of Ravnica Founded by Parun Mat'Selesnya, a female humanoid elemental, the Selesnya Conclave is a decentralized collective variably described as a "selfless, nurturing, spiritual group" or a "brainwashing nature cult." It involves itself in the establishment and maintenance of peace, life, and unity in Ravnica. Despite their appearance of being "good" and "peace-loving", in truth the guild has a sinister streak. That's what we're here to talk about today in the form of GW Tokens.

The list is fairly straightforward, as is it's early gameplay. Put as many dudes on the board as possible, then punch your opponent 20 times or more until dead. Simple right? Well it would be, but Historic is a complex world to navigate right now. There's always a new brew on the horizon, and with Amonkhet's release it looks like the Approach of the Second Sun brings a new dawn to Historic's ever changing meta. I've managed to hammer the list down to its basic principle. Make 1/1's and make them fast. Since the release of Guilds of Ravnica, I felt it best to pay a humble homage to my early days in magic and play Selesnya.

Set the tempo

Our one drops set the temp early on in the game. Legions Landing flips into our late game mana sink along with Castle Ardenvale, while Hunted witness and Sacred Cat give us some resilience late game with their replacement effects. Feeling the deck needed plenty of reliable action on turn one I felt it necessary to include Lovestruck Beast not only as our 11-14 one mana plays but also as our alternate turn 3 play. Limited by its ability to only attack when a 1/1 is present doesn't disqualify it from blocking duty.Lucky for us, it supplies it's own enabler.

Join the Guild (Cult)

One of us, one of us, one of us, one of us. Want to trap your opponent in that feeling of "I swear I just killed those 1/1's and now they're back."? Well you should, this deck boasts four copies of March of the Multitudes, Raise the alarm, and Saporling Migration. The two main goals of this package is simple. Flipping Legions Landing into Adanto the First Fort, and Playing Venerated Loxodon on turn 3. Ideally you want to run out Saporling Migrations as early as possible. They're sorcery speed and tend to fall off late game. You want to use Raise the Alarm to rebuild after your board has been wiped. This along with Adanto will put your opponents 3 points closer to dead. Not very Kum Ba Yah to ambush your opponents, but eventually you beat the Springleaf Drum one to many times and its bound to beat back one day.

March of the Multitudes is our game closer. It sports two key words that the deck loves to see. "Convoke" and "Create X 1/1 Soldier creature tokens with lifelink". Often a back breaker when paired with Trostani, This is your late game anti-board wipe backup plan.

Efficiency at any cost

Venerated Loxodon is responsible for our side of the board. Bolstering our forces and helping to push damage in the early turns, this 4/4 for five mana reliably hits the field on turn three with the help of three or five friends. Legions Landing turn one into Saporling Migration turn two, followed by a Raise the Alarm turn three leaves you with 5 creatures and one spare mana. Enough to Convoke out a Loxodon with enough change left over to play a Sacred Cat or get a human off of Lovesturck Beast.

Conclave Tribunal and Seal away are our efficient answers to things that go bump, trample, deathtouch, haste, sacrifice 5 permanents in the night. Problems for this deck often come in the form of 4 black mana symbols above a 5/5 body, or a creature with almost as much text as Oubliette's original printing. Conclave Tribunal is our catch all answer. Convoke on a 4 mana Oblivion ring lets us answer cards from any deck, while the cheap cost of Seal Away effortlessly allows it to camouflage itself behind Raise the Alarm or the 4 and 5 mana costs of Adanto and Castle Ardenvale. Game 1 your probably spending that mana to make a 1/1 blocker, but games 2 and 3 your sealing away those pesky Gigantosaurus' or turn 3 Ghalta's.

Memory Lane

The beauty and architecture of the Selesnya Conclave is what pulled me towards it when I began playing Magic. Every card with the Selesnya watermark was a must have for me. Voice of Resurgence is still my bread and butter, and the Selesnya are always my go-to guild for peace, love, and running my opponents over with more 1/1's than round 3 at a Magic Fest.

You guys remember Magic Fests?

Anyways, I hope you find as much fun playing this build as I have. Leave a comment with your tweaks and what you've found success with!

May your blessings be more than the leaves of Vitu-Ghazi friends.

Until Next week,


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