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Hello everybody, It's your favorite Aggro Aficionado here. Today we will go over my new Pauper brew I made specifically for the current FNM event.

This build is called "Kiln Spree"

The star of the show is my boy Kiln Fiend. I just love ramping him up by playing One Mana Instants and Sorcery spells. By turn 3 you can do some serious damage. One combo I love to do is attack with Kiln Fiend but before we attack we can play Crash Through to add Trample. In which will ramp Kiln Fiend 4/2 with Trample. But to ramp it up even more, we can play Warlord's Fury to add First Strike. Now Since that's also a Sorcery spell it ramps up Kiln Fiend to 7/2. Scary right? Well that's not Kiln Fiend's final form. We attack with Kiln Fiend and activate Rimrock Knight's instant ability which adds 2/0 to selected creature. That makes Kiln Fiend 10/2 because of it's ability whenever an instant or Sorcery spell has been played. Then you add the 2/0 because of Rimrock's Knight ability which totals Kiln Fiend power to 12/2 with First Strike and Trample.

Now we can't forget about two other gems in this build.

Queen Burning Prophet and Spellgorger Weird.

I love Burning Prophet because when you cast an Instant or Sorcery you can Scry 1 and look at the next card in your library while adding 1/0 to Burning Prophet. When you have a lot of one drop Instants and Sorcery cards in your build like i do, Burning Prophet can get really huge. Now we can use the Scry Mechanic by Casting Warlord's Fury or Crash Through so you can draw the card you used Scry for.

Speaking of card draw, I also added Thrill of Possibility so i can discard a card to draw a card if I don't get a card i want after Scry from Burning Prophet and the draw from Warlord's Fury. It just adds better chance to get a card i need to play if i'm looking for something specific.

Spellgorger is a Monster of a card. Just like Kiln Fiend, you can easily ramp up Spellgorger Weird's Power but only difference between the two is Spellgorger Weird's Power doesn't go back to normal at the end of the turn unlike Kiln Fiend.

In Conclusion

I love Pauper so much. It brings more diversity to magic and seeing the different decks people make always excites me. Saw some pretty crazy brews in this event. Also big thanks to MTG Arena for allowing us to play Friday Night Magic at home safely. I really enjoy these events.

Thankyou for attending Tech Deck with Shinogi. See you all next time.

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