DeckTech With Shinogi - Friday Night Magic (Format Artisan)

Welcome to DeckTech with Shinogi where we go over the latest decks in different formats in Magic The Gathering.

Today's Format is Standard Artisan.

Artisan Format is when you build a deck with only commons and uncommons in the Standard card pool!

Easy Wins in Friday Night Magic

I like to think of myself as an "Aggro Aficionado"when it comes to deck building. I like quick games so i always base my decks with that mindset.

Win Condition

By turn 3 or 4 you should have Chandra's Spitfire on the field. By using instants and Sorcery spells to ramp up Spitfire, you are activating Electrostatic's ability. In which that also makes Spitfire even more powerful. Usually ends up in a turn 4 kill or your opponent concedes from losing so much life too early in the game.

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