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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Hello Everyone

Welcome to DeckTech with Shinogi, Here i will go over my new Mono Red Build that i am testing for the Arena Open. Day 1 will be BO1 Historic so i was thinking Aggro Aggro Aggro!! Best thing to do is beat your opponent fast. So here is my build:

My Build

I know the craze right now is Goblins in historic but i wanted to try something different. I brewed up a new mono red that can hold its own in Historic right now. Something simple but can go toe toe with the Meta decks.

The Star of the show is Spiteful Prankster!!

I am a huge fan of Cavalcade Calamity, so upon seeing this card when it came out in jump Start it peeked my interest. Something about damage to your opponent's face always brings a smile to my face when i make aggro builds.

Something interesting to add with this great card would probably be Legion Warboss. Each turn it creates a Goblin token and has to attack if able. Even if you lose the goblin its still 1 damage to your enemy.

Now i can't have a Mono Red build without adding my favorites, Robber of the Rich, Fervent Champion and the one and only Torbran, Thane of Red Fell! Is this Historic? Yes, but these still are relevant in this format because Fervent Champ adds pressure to your enemy right out the gates. Turn 2 you will normally play Robber of the Rich and start stealing their cards while still applying pressure to your opponent. Turn 3 you will be playing Bolt Hound, which also has Haste and when Bolt Hound attacks it adds +1/0 to all creatures you control. So Fervant and Robber does a pretty good amount of damage. Do i even have to mention what happens on turn 4?


Added Goblin Chainwhirler to counter the Goblin problem we now have in Historic. Great combo with Spiteful Prankster and Torbran, Thane of Redfell. With the damage increased from Torbran and with Spiteful Prankster's ability ( Whenever another creature dies it deals 1 damage to your opponent.) "THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE!!

Now I am a huge fan of 1 drop instants like Lightning Bolt and Shock. One particular card caught my eye in the new set JumpStart called Lightning Axe. It's a one mana drop if you discard a card or pay 5 mana to deal 5 damage to target creature.


Went 10-3

Only went against Goblins once, I lost due to Mulligans but can't wait to face them again.

Below is a slideshow with my W/L Ratio and opponents.

In Conclusion

I absolutely love this build and hope you do too. It made playing ranked enjoyable. I will be making a few changes like adding Legion Warband as Arena Open gets closer. But all in all the deck in it's current state will help you climb. See you all next time!!

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