Coach's Corner: Arena Open, Day 2+

Earlier this week, Dragosi wrote about today’s Historic Arena Open, specifically day 1 expectations. If you want to read that, it will be linked here. Let’s say you get one of those busted decks, or the great run, and you’re on to day 2! Congratulations, now what? What do you play? Run back the same deck with a sideboard? I’m going to go over some of my picks to come home with that cash payout. I’m going to put my 3 picks that ARE NOT Goblins or Temur Reclamation. And all 3 are very different, so I’ll be covering all of the options.

Mono Red Aggro

Fellow writer Shinogi is a huge advocate of mono red aggro. There are times I’m not sure he knows there are 4 other colors you can play in Magic (all love if you are reading this, just gotta heckle you a little). But, for day 2 of the Open, I believe this deck may be perfect for someone who is looking to pick up a deck that you don’t need a ton of reps on to win with. It’s creature base is very aggressive, looking at cards like Ghitu Lavarunner, Fervent Champion, and Robber of the Rich as cheap and efficient creatures to get in crucial points of damage. Follow these creatures up with cards like Shock, Skewer the Critics, and Lightning Strike, and 20 damage can be done very quickly. The advantage of this deck is that unlike other aggro decks, it has the reach of it’s spells to get the job finished. And, with most of the answers that you need in games 2 and 3 being able to be colorless (I’m looking at you, Grafdigger’s Cage and Tormod’s Crypt), you are looking at some easy 2-0 win possibilities, along with the money!

U/W/x Control

Now, I’m listing this as possibly playing a 3 color deck, but with the trio of Teferi planeswalkers available, alongside Shatter the Sky and Settle the Wreckage as 4 mana sweepers, it is very possible that you do not need the third color in your control deck in order to succeed. This deck is able to get away with hedging towards the Goblins and Reclamation matchups with little to no punishment because Aether Gust has very few matchups it is blanked in. And with the Baneslayer Angel reprint out of our newest core set, you get to play that alongside Lyra Dawnbringer in the sideboard like we’re playing modern. I believe as long as your sideboard call on some of your spots are correct, control is a great choice. A little bit longer of a day, but it’s got the legs to win you money.

Kethis Combo

Here’s the one that I think will do good, but I do not really recommend picking up the deck for your one and only run tomorrow. If I am able to day 2, this is the deck I will be playing. A main strategy of milling yourself with Diligent Excavator and Emry, Lurker of the Loch, while recasting your Mox Amber from the grave via Kethis, the Hidden Hand’s ability to get an empty library to win with Jace, Wielder of Mysteries is something that requires little to no interacting with your opponent, and by playing cards like Teferi, Time Raveler and Oath of Kaya, you get to stay alive to go off. Than, your sideboard games are fairly good, as your are in 4 colors, giving you access to all the cards you need to make your matchups better. Like I said, though, you don’t want to try to pick this up on the fly. With some reps, however, this could be the best deck to get paid.

Those are my 3 choices! Let me know what you think, I’m always open to opinions. Go give the rest of the guys a read, and I will see you next weekend for my Coach’s Corner.

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