Coach's Corner, 7/11

Hey everyone, welcome to Coach’s Corner! It’s Braxton, and I’m looking to do a very quick recap of events that happened from July 4th to yesterday, July 10th, and look forward to what the coming week has in store for tournaments. With that said, let’s get started.

As far as big tournaments go, the only thing we had was the SCG Tour Online Championship Qualifier #2. We have access to the top 16, and the decks break down in these numbers:

This shows the dominance big mana strategies have currently in Standard. While there are strategies that can go under, the balance of putting on a clock and not over extending into their sweeper effects. All of the above decks are more than viable in the coming events. I will always advise a person pick a deck that they feel comfortable with over trying to play the top deck.

With this said, let’s look ahead to the upcoming big events. We have two events the day this article goes live; the SCG Tour Online Championship Qualifier #3, and the Redbull Untapped International Qualifier. I am playing in the Redbull event, and will be paying attention to the SCG event very closely. My pick as the decks to beat; all the ramp strategies, including Temur Reclamation. However, do not be surprised if something aggressive puts up even better numbers than the aggro decks did for the SCG event. If I’m picking a non-ramp strategy, I’m personally going with Mono Green.

Well, this is Coach Braxton Wolf’s quick look into the tournaments of last week and this week. Look for another article next Saturday, where I will do a quick recap on how I did, how the members of the Rebel Magic team performed, results for both these big decks, and possibly more! Good luck on the ladder and in any events everyone plays!

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