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Banned And Restricted Announcement August 24th 2020

Hello All! Welcome back! Wizards has just released the B&R announcement for August 24th, 2020, which was announced last week. Since then there has been a lot of speculation as to what was being changed in the Format, as this B&R was only going to be dealing with Historic. Well we have it now, so lets get right into it.

Field of the Dead is Banned

Welp, that's it. Field of the Dead had previously been on the Suspended list, but then came off and had been a decent contender at various points of the format's life. It has since become a card that was VERY powerful in the format, especially with the additions of Explore and Hour of Promise. Sultai Field effectively forced the format to skew more aggro, as Aggro had a solid match up against the deck. Wizards thinks that isn't healthy, and they wanted to open up more diversity in the format. The didn't think that suspension was the right approach and they went straight to banning the card as well as they didn't think that the format would be in a place where Field of the Dead would be healthy in it. This change is effective immediately it seems.

The question now becomes what decks look promising out of this ban? Well, this does allow for control to potentially come back into the mix. Field's ability to have the ultimate removal proof late game really pushed control out of the format. I expect that people will be bringing some UWx control or Approach of the Second Sun decks to test. I still worry about the power of ramp decks as their late game is generally very powerful with cards such as Ugin and Ulamog. Where I feel unfortunately, there is still a gap in the format is Midrange. It feels that Ramp might just outclass the traditional midrange decks. I'm excited about the possibilities though of some new decks coming into the limelight. We'll just have to see how the format shakes up! I do though expect that Goblins might come back in popularity, as that deck was pushed out of contention as the top deck because Sultai was so powerful.

Drop me a comment down below, what decks are you going to be looking to try now that Field of the Dead is Banned? What else do you think should be put on the banned list? Thanks for reading and we'll see you in the next article!

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