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Banned and Restricted Announcement 9/28/2020

Hello All! Just wanted to do a quick article today on the Banned and Restricted Announcement that just got released by Wizards. This B&R takes a pass at Standard, only a week after Zendikar Rising released on Arena, and a couple of days after the paper release. We all knew that this one was coming, as they announced the B&R changes about a week ago, but specifically what was going to be banned was up for debate. Let's jump into the changes. Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath is Banned

Effective Date: 9/28/2020

Welp, we knew this was coming. Uro has been another 3 mana powerhouse staple card in the basically every format since it's release. The card has been the topic of discussion for many moons and generally has held a very negative reputation overall. Wizard's logic for keeping it around as long as they have is because they wanted to let the standard environment try to adjust to life with Uro, and with the impending rotation happening, they wanted to see if it was still a card that was going to be an issue. Everyone knew that this was going to be the case though. As soon as Omnath, Locus of Creation was spoiled (and honestly even before that), people were expecting that Uro was going to be too strong for Standard.

The debate that was taking place all over was whether or not Uro was the only card to be banned. I've heard many people calling for things such as Embercleave, Lucky Clover, Lotus Cobra and Omnath all to be banned. I'll give you my perspective on why this wasn't a consideration for Wizards right now. First off, lets talk Embercleave and Lucky Clover. Generally in a new format, aggressive strategies are the way to go from a competitive standpoint. They have a lot of consistency and are able to punish unoptimized decks. Usually you'll see a surge of Mono Red decks topping early events in a brand new standard environment. This wasn't the case. We'll be looking at the StarCityGames Championship Qualifier #6 that happened this weekend for reference. Mono Red barely put up a performance this weekend, so any cards in that deck aren't on the radar. Also, Cleave was a way for the red decks to gain a bit of reach, to counteract the life gain from Uro. With Omnath still in the format, it'd be a mistake to take away red's only way to effectively fight the ramp deck. Now lets talk about Clover. The "Adventures" decks are an archetype that was barely hit by rotation. It fits along the same lines as aggro in that it's a VERY consistent list with very little changing in rotation. If we follow the same logic as aggro, this deck should also have been doing quite well in these past weekend events. While they did better than Mono Red, it still was not a great showing. These cards may be something to consider for future B&R's depending how the format shapes up, but for this B&R it most likely wasn't a consderation.

Now, let's talk about Omnath and Lotus Cobra. These cards were guaranteed 0% to get a banning this time, and I'd even wager within the next 2-3 B&R's. Firstly, they were literally just released. They've only been on Arena for a week, and in Paper only a few days. Not to mention the fact that both of these cards have INCREDIBLE showcase frames in collector's boosters that people can get, plus these were 2 cards that were incredibly hyped during the preview season. It all boils down to one major thing. Wizards of the Coast, and by extension Hasbro, is a company. They have to sell packs. It'd be a bad business decision for them to ban not 1, but 2 cards that just got released to the public. Regardless of how you feel about it, they have to make a business decision, and banning the cards right out the gate is probably worse for sales than leaving them in the format and riding out the pack sales while they can. It's the very reason Oko lasted as long as he did. Again with the previous 2 cards, these cards are not exempt from getting the ban hammer down the line, but for this B&R, it was a 0% chance. I'm sure that there are many many minds working on a solution to the ramp deck, and if the answer is to just play the ramp deck, then maybe we'll see some action. Let me know what your thoughts are on the banning, what your thoughts are and potential new brews on the format going to be without Uro in it! Stay tuned to the site, as StormCrowTS is going to be writing his article this week about new standard post Uro! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for awesome content there. Be sure to follow us on Twitter as well, and sign up for our Patreon! It gets you into our MTG Arena tournaments if you sub at the $5 tier or higher! Also check out our new sponsor, Empire Jerky! Head over to www.empirejerky.com and use the code "TinStreetNews" for 5% off your order, and it directly supports us! Thanks for reading and we'll see you next time!

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