Announcement: Tin Street Tournament Series

Hey everyone, I’m back this week, and I have some awesome news. I know only two weeks ago, I announced that we were announcing some details for our Tin Street Tournament Series, and to look forward to a future announcement with all the details. Well, it’s here! The announcement is coming quickly, as we are moving quickly here at Tin Street. Let’s start with what to expect out of the tournaments, a schedule, then I’m going to be revealing some info on how we are looking to keep these tournaments new and exciting. Before we get into this, I would like to keep considering everyone’s input; we have had a survey running to get the community’s interest in tournaments/formats. If you haven’t already, click here to fill out the survey, it would greatly help us in making sure we make these tournaments as successful as possible.


Starting this tournament series is something we are looking to do in order to bring the community together, and enjoy the game of Magic that we all share in common, especially during this time in which some of us may not be able to play much in person. I am taking the lead in these tournaments as our tournament manager. However, the community will play a huge role in the tournaments. I’ll explain this more when I get to the scheduling, but for starters, I will be constantly looking for the community’s opinion and input on the events. You can always find me on my Twitter and ask me questions/bring up what you would like to see. Reaching out to the Tin Street Twitter will get the same results too.

What I hope will happen is that we constantly have a good and consistent turnout for these events. While ‘good’ is relative to what we feel is success, consistent is what we are aiming for; building a tournament series in which we have people wanting to play every week is what I would like to use to deem this a success.


I stated this when I announced the tournaments, but this will be played 2 Saturdays a month. We will be looking to run these events on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month. We will be using MTGMelee to host these events, as well. One event is going to be constructed, either Standard or Historic since we are playing on Arena. Every once in a while we may do some stuff to mix this up; whether it is making it more specifically Pauper/Artisan, or maybe putting a deck building limitation for the event. This will not be done regularly; we do not want to be making people constantly looking in order to play. Just being able to keep things entertaining is what we are looking for.

As for the second event each month, we are looking to play a Singleton format. We have some interesting options; there is standard brawl, historic brawl, and a format created by Benjamin Wheeler named Gladiator. There is a whole Discord server committed to the format, but here is the quick about it; Arena had a format called Super Singleton recently that played the same. 100 cards, only 1 copy of cards except for basics, but with a different ban list. Go enjoy the server if this is what you’re into, I have played a fair amount, and wrote my first articles for this format when it was super young. These are our options, and like with constructed, we will be always looking to keep these formats interesting.

Now, I said that the community has a big role in the tournaments, and here’s why; the community will vote on what format is played for each event. Here is a quick breakdown on how this will go;

  • Play on Saturday of week 1

  • Starting on the Sunday after the tournament, and running until Friday of off week, myself or Tin Street will have a poll up on Twitter with the options for the next week.

  • In my article on the Saturday of the off week, I will recap the previous week, along with announcing the format/stipulations (if any) giving people interested in playing 1 whole week to prepare.

Entry and Prize Support

At the moment, entry for the first couple of events will be free of charge. Eventually there will be a small fee to enter the tournament, by means of either a Twitch Subscription to the Tin Street Journal Twitch account, or subscribing to at least the $5 tier on our Patreon. The only tournaments that will have an entry fee most likely though are going to be the constructed events.

As for Prize Support, it will be sponsored by our newest partner, HEGames! More info about this new exciting partnership will be detailed in an article by Dragosi later this week! As for what the prizes are going to be, I'm excited to announce that for our first number of events, the prizes will be packs of Zendikar Rising! The current prize support structure will be that there will be 1 pack added to the prize pool for each person who registers for a constructed event, which is the reason for the entry fee. For our Singleton events, which tentatively are free, there may be some prize support involved with that as well, depending on the number of participants. We'll have more details about that as we get closer to that event.

HEGames is providing all the sealed product for the prizes, but that doesn't mean that's all that HEGames has in their store. HEGames is a full blown local game store in Northern Illinois, and they have a whole host of sealed product, singles, game supplies, etc. If you have other tabletop gaming or card game needs and want to trade in your prize packs for store credit to HEGames, just let us know when we contact you about your prize (if you won something) and we will get you taken care of!


Now, with all of this known, we do need to get down to it; the first event. We will be playing on September 19, so be looking for a poll to start this off. Make sure to follow both my Twitter account and Tin Street to stay up to date on the poll. I look forward to starting this tournament off with all of you.

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