Banned and Restricted Announcement 9/28/2020

Hello All! Just wanted to do a quick article today on the Banned and Restricted Announcement that just got released by Wizards. This B&R takes a pass at Standard, only a week after Zendikar Rising released on Arena, and a couple of days after the paper release. We all knew that this one was coming, as they announced the B&R changes about a week ago, but specifically what was going to be banned was up for debate. Let's jump into the changes. Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath is Banned Effective Date: 9/28/2020 Welp, we knew this was coming. Uro has been another 3 mana powerhouse staple card in the basically every format since it's release. The card has been the topic of discussion for many moons

Golgari Adventures

Zendikar Standard Standard is back in full swing since the release of Zendikar Rising, and the decks of the format are beginning to solidify themselves. 4-color Omnath, Dimir Rogues, Temur Clover, Gruul Aggro, Dimir Control, and Red Aggro make up most of the standard metagame. Of all these decks, 4-color Omnath seems to be the most powerful, and the current leader in the format. However, I believe that there is still plenty of room to explore while being competitive, but it is important to account for 4-Color Omnath while building new decks. How to beat Omnath The first thing to account for is Lotus Cobra; Lotus Cobra is a powerful ramp creature that can quickly give opponents a mana advanta

Overwhelming Swarm

Today I will be going over a Decktech from Zendikar Rising! If you like making tokens and attacking with what seems like unlimited amount of

Diving into a New Format

New Standard It’s the greatest time of the year for Magic players: new decks, new cards, and a new format. Standard has felt mostly solved since the mass banning leaving Sultai as the best deck in the format. With Uro sticking around, there’s probably more midrange dominance in the future, but for the present we have a fresh format. With all the excitement, it can be difficult to decide where to start in standard. The easiest path to figure out what will be good is to look at what cards remaining were important before rotation. The cards I would look at first are Embercleave, Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath, Lucky Clover, and Zenith Flare. While some of these cards were better performers than o

Sponsor Announcement: HEGames!

Hello All! This week's article is going to be shorter than normal, but I have some very exciting news to share with you this week! If you have read Coach Braxton's Article this week Announcing the Tin Street Tournament Series, you may have read in there about the prize support that's happening for our events and where that will be coming from. Well today, I'm happy to give you some more details about that. I'm so excited to welcome HEGames to the Tin Street Family as our first sponsor and partner! HEGames is a game store in Northern Illinois, and they are my local game store. When I reached out to the owner, Blake, about seeing if he would be interested in helping to sponsor the Tin Street T

Announcement: Tin Street Tournament Series

Hey everyone, I’m back this week, and I have some awesome news. I know only two weeks ago, I announced that we were announcing some details for our Tin Street Tournament Series, and to look forward to a future announcement with all the details. Well, it’s here! The announcement is coming quickly, as we are moving quickly here at Tin Street. Let’s start with what to expect out of the tournaments, a schedule, then I’m going to be revealing some info on how we are looking to keep these tournaments new and exciting. Before we get into this, I would like to keep considering everyone’s input; we have had a survey running to get the community’s interest in tournaments/formats. If you haven’t alread

The Best Aggro Deck in Standard

The best aggressive deck in standard is Mono-Black Aggro. This deck looks to win games by playing cheap, large creatures to mount a full force attack out of the gate. It looks to back up this plan by taking removal spells from the opponent’s hand by the means of discard spells. Rotting Regisaur is a massive three-mana creature that can easily outsize anything the opponent has on the board by the third turn. Rotting Regisaur and Spawn of Mayhem paired with Demonic Embrace lead to very quick wins. The rest of the creatures look to promote early aggression, while causing disruption and value. Match-ups Sultai Midrange Sultai Midrange is the best performing deck in standard. Sultai pairs the mo

Staff Introduction: Dragosi, my favorite cards, and Historic Anthology 4

Hey all! With Zendikar Rising previews starting, and release right around the corner, We'll be definitely covering all of that stuff coming up on our Youtube Channel. For this week though, I wanted to do something similar to what PokePope did last week, which was an introduction to him as a person / player. In addition, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite cards in Magic the Gathering, and why I think that those cards should be included in Historic Anthology 4. Before we get going, make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to stay up to date with all of the content there, including Zendikar Rising Previews! Enter Dragosi I started playing Magic the Gathering back in April 2010. Sha

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