Caster Introduction: Poke'Pope

Good afternoon everyone! This has been a bit of a long delayed post, something I wanted to do on my first week as a member of TSJ but never got around to doing. Mainly because I wanted to really think about the questions I had for myself as a player, and a member of the community. So this week, I wanted to write about myself, and give you all some insight to who I am not only as a player but as an individual. I had four questions written out to myself that I took time to reflect on, so I hope you enjoy and connect with something in my self-interview! If you like these kinds of articles, be sure to let us know by leaving a comment and asking for more AMA publications! Question 1: When did you

Banned And Restricted Announcement August 24th 2020

Hello All! Welcome back! Wizards has just released the B&R announcement for August 24th, 2020, which was announced last week. Since then there has been a lot of speculation as to what was being changed in the Format, as this B&R was only going to be dealing with Historic. Well we have it now, so lets get right into it. Field of the Dead is Banned Welp, that's it. Field of the Dead had previously been on the Suspended list, but then came off and had been a decent contender at various points of the format's life. It has since become a card that was VERY powerful in the format, especially with the additions of Explore and Hour of Promise. Sultai Field effectively forced the format to skew more

Commandfest Online 2 - The Future of Commander Panel

Hello All! We just got done listening to Gavin Verhey and a few other folks from Magic R&D give a very exciting panel talking about the future of commander for 2020! This panel kicks off Commandfest Online 2 this weekend! In this panel, they discussed a couple of new products coming this year that we had known about, but now we have a lot more to talk about with them both. They were both spoiled on the Command Zone Podcast last year, but now we have more cards and art to show off with these new products! Commander Collections Green So the first product that was discussed on the panel was Commander Collection Green. This is a box set, similar to the Spellbook series, where there are 8 cards i

A callback to my roots.

Hey gang! Poke'Pope here with what has to be one of my favorite decks to play in standard, historic, and pioneer at this time. A quick glance at my background will show you that I started my career in magic in the Return to Ravnica / Innistrad standard format. My first planeswalker was a dual deck Tibalt that I was so excited to have (Very funny Jeremy), and the first 75 cards I ever played with ran 4 copies of Consuming Aberration, Mirko Vosk, and one copy of Aetherling that I lucked out on and opened in a pack. This was easily the worst 75 cards a newbie could've thrown together. I had zero clue about mana efficiency, curve consideration, or even the value of a card when comparing its CMC

Banned and Restricted - August 3, 2020

Hello All! Another Emergency article coming in today! Wizards has just dropped a BOMBSHELL announcement today. Here's the link to the full announcement: In the style of the previous announcement we'll cover each format and it's impact. Lets get started. Standard Wilderness Reclamation is Banned Growth Spiral is Banned Teferi, Time Raveler is Banned Cauldron Familiar is Banned WOW. Just WOW. I didn't see this coming. Neither did anyone here at TSJ. We all thought that since rotation is 6 weeks away, that the standard format was going to be the same Rec and Bant Ramp and Sac Decks until then. Bu

What's Poppin? Pauper.

On this week's episode of Tin Street News, the boys and I discussed Double Masters. What were our favorite box toppers? What cards stood out to us the most? What reprints were we most happy to see? I was beyond proud when Shinogi spoke up about the little elephant in the room before I got a chance to, the downshift in rarities in this set were pretty substantial for the format! A complete list of downshifts, new and returning, can be found below. First however, I want to cover a few cards that were downshifted for the first time into Pauper and the decks they will benefit. Mono Black We saw three HUGE downshifts for the mono black players in pauper. Starting first we have cast down, a card t

Coach's Corner: Arena Open, Day 2+

Earlier this week, Dragosi wrote about today’s Historic Arena Open, specifically day 1 expectations. If you want to read that, it will be linked here. Let’s say you get one of those busted decks, or the great run, and you’re on to day 2! Congratulations, now what? What do you play? Run back the same deck with a sideboard? I’m going to go over some of my picks to come home with that cash payout. I’m going to put my 3 picks that ARE NOT Goblins or Temur Reclamation. And all 3 are very different, so I’ll be covering all of the options. Mono Red Aggro Fellow writer Shinogi is a huge advocate of mono red aggro. There are times I’m not sure he knows there are 4 other colors you can play in Magic (

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